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Personal Chef Services

Got any beans and tomatoes (or on sale a

Sometimes you want extra time to finish up a little more work, get in a workout, or spend quality time with family or friends.  And sometimes you just want to eat fresh, wholesome food in your home without the time spent at the grocery store waiting in lines or cleaning up dishes after a long day.  Free up some extra hours by having someone else efficiently shop for you, prepare some of those meals weekly in your home, and leave your meals packaged and labeled with reheating instructions in your refrigerator without any of the food scraps cluttering up your refrigerator.

Choose your type of meals from:

1) Entrée and a side – An entrée consists of a fresh, seasonal breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a side that enhances that dish.

2) Snack – Add a nutrient-packed snack so you can sustain your energy until dinner, have some new and quick options to pack in school lunches, or take grab and go items with you in the car.

Number of meals per week – Each week you choose how many meals and snacks you want prepared and left in your home.  Each meal consists of an entrée (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and a side.  Snacks can be savory or sweet.  You can select all entrées, all snacks, or a combination of both options to create your plan specific to your needs each week. 


Pricing - The cost for each plan is for up to four servings per meal.  Requests for hosting company and entertaining are also available.

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