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Diet, Exercise, Recovery and Stress Management Programs for Optimal Vitality Based Off Individual Lab Results

Through Hardie Peak Performance, my aim is to craft personalized plans that assist clients across the country in achieving their health and performance objectives.  I run a set of five foundational functional labs plus determine functional Metabolic Type to understand a person's unique current reality in the realm of stress and sex hormones, gut functionality, food sensitivities, and energy production. From those results, I create a customized plan that addresses diet, exercise, recovery, stress management, and potentially supplements.


I offer support throughout the four-month program that includes regular in-person or virtual sessions covering education behind the physiology of lab results, optimal nutrition specific to each person's food sensitivities and metabolic type, tailored meal planning through an interactive app, appropriate training loads based upon hormone levels, recovery to improve energy, mood, and performance, and stress management routines to help clients handle the day and sleep at night.

Functional diagnositc nutrition revolves around identifying healing opportunities within the body.  The core of my philosophy is educating and empowering clients to take control of their health.  While the process begins with a coaching relationship, the ultimate goal is to serve as a valuable resource and enable clients to take charge of their own care throughout their health journeys.

How Functional Labs Help Identify Hidden Stressors that Impact Energy and Performance


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