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"Eat well, live well,
be well."

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Join us for a wellness retreat at C Lazy U Ranch on March 21-24 2024

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Meet the Founder


I am a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and FDN Practitioner who runs functional labs and uses my training in stength and conditioning, sport and performance psychology, and personal cheffing to create customized diet, exercise, recovery, and stress management plans to optimize people's energy and body composition.  I help people understand their current hormone levels, digestion funtion, and foods that best support their unique demands.  Through education and lifestyle modifications, I support clients along their journey toward increased vitality so they can achieve their health and performance goals.  

                                                            - Katie Hardie              

Results Based Packages
Athletes, Coaches, & Parents 
Personal Chef Services 
Kids' Cooking Series 


Whether you want to learn how to support your own health and performance goals, you want to learn some new strategies for fueling your kids or athletes with real food, you need a crash course to upgrading your cooking routine, or you just want meals and snacks prepared, there's a program here for you. 

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