"Eat well, live well,

be well."

Meet the Founder


I am a health and performance focused nutritionist and personal chef who enjoys the challenge of helping people understand then break through the barriers that prevent them from feeling and performing their best.  I teach people how to efficiently use meal plans and navigate grocery stores to turn “good for you” food into meals that taste great and make them feel that way, too. Customized strategies and meals made from quality food along with relevant cooking techniques helps align people's day-to-day behaviors to achieve their goals.  Whether that mission is to perform, heal, grow, or increase energy, the best time to take action is today!

                                                            - Katie Hardie              

Results Based Packages
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Whether you want to learn how to support your own health and performance goals, you want to learn some new strategies for fueling your kids or athletes with real food, you need a crash course to upgrading your cooking routine, or you just want meals and snacks prepared, there's a program here for you.