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Athletes, Coaches, and Parents

Athletes, especially growing kids and teens, have unique and additional nutritional needs than adults.  As parents and coaches, what we teach or fail to teach them nutritionally impacts them for the rest of their lives.  Between the options marketed to them, their sometimes finicky eating behaviors, and our overbooked schedules, finding and making the foods that best support their physical growth and training demands can sometimes seem overwhelming.  These individualized sessions can help educate all parties involved about nutrition strategies for optimal performance as well as promote the larger life skill of having a healthful relationship with food and hydration.

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Performance Plans

Athlete Performance Pack

Session Length: five 60-minute sessions with one session preparing a meal or snack either in person or virtually

Session 1: Review food journal and intake form, identify athlete’s short- and long-term goals along with the “why” behind each, understand “success” for athlete over the next five weeks, determine athlete’s current knowledge of sports nutrition and interest in learning how to support improved performance through nutrition, set up personal account for meal planning and grocery shopping app, create meal plan for the next week with corresponding grocery list

Session 2: Discuss hydration, amounts and types to consume, and implications on performance, pantry review, discuss snack and breakfast ideas for training and recovery, select a meal or snack to make for Session 3, create hydration plan for the next week

Session 3: Evaluate prior week’s hydration plan, make meal or snack, discuss how physical training and sleep complement each other and impact performance, create a plan for optimal sleep hygiene, create meal plan around training schedule for the next week with corresponding grocery list

Session 4: Evaluate prior week’s sleep and meal plan, check in with hydration, discuss barriers and alternatives, discuss competition day and recovery nutrition, create meal plan for the next week with corresponding grocery list

Session 5: Evaluate prior week’s hydration, sleep, and meal plan, discuss and create support system and accountability partner, create meal plan for the next week with corresponding grocery list, create plan going forward, recap themes from sessions, wrap-up program


Learn how to incorporate sports nutrition and hydration into your athletes' training, recovery, and competition days.  Customized plans for your athletes can include group nutrition discussions, individual meetings, and scratch made snacks available for purchase so that you can promote a complete peak performance environment.


Discover the most effective ways to support your athlete at home through a pantry makeover to keep foods in the house that support quality performance and recovery, learn efficient methods to create grocery lists and shop to maximize time and minimize expenses, understand behaviors to model and signs to observe in order to promote a healthful relationship with food, and scratch made performance based meals and/or snacks available for purchase.

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